Freedom 4-Miler


When and where does the event take place?

Saturday, July 4th, 2020 at the Canfield Fairgrounds.  The race is presented by Second Sole Racing.

Is this a physical running event?

Yes.  Second Sole Racing has the approval of both the Mahoning County Public Health Department and the Canfield Fairgrounds.

What time does the event start?

We will have 9 heats spaced apart every 30 minutes beginning at 6:00am with the final heat at 10:00am.  All heats are chip timed.  

How many participants will run in each heat?

Each heat will be limited to 50 participants.

What is the course desciption?

Participants will race past well-known spots on the fairgrounds from the Rock at the Grandstand to the historic Western Reserve Village and the area often seen by fairgoers as parking and RV camp grounds.  The course utilizes both paved and well-kept gravel roads.  Click HERE to view the course map.  

How do I register and when does registration close?

You can register for the physical 4-Mile race HERE.  Registration will close at midnight on Sunday, June 28th.

Do you have a virtual option?

Yes.  You can register for the virtual race option HERE.  The virtual option is open through July 31st.  

What's included in my registration?

Your registration includes a participate shirt and bib number.  

When can I pick up my race packet?

During online registration, you will choose a day and time to pick up your race packet at Second Sole in Boardman.  Packets will be pre-labeled and available in the parking lot.  You must wear a face covering when picking up your packet and only arrive at your scheduled pick-up time.  


Can I pick-up more than one packet for friends or family?

Yes.  We ask that only one person pick-up for their family.   

Is there race day packet pick-up and signups?

No.  There will be no registration or packet pick-up on race day due to safety regulations.  All participants must register online by June 28th.

Are there awards on race day?

Due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, there will be no awards presented on race day.  Awards can be picked up at Second Sole at a later date TBD.  Award winners will be contacted via email.  


The following race day guidelines have been approved by the Mahoning County Department of Health.  These guidelines are in place for the safety of the participants, volunteers and race directors.  Please do not register if you cannot follow these guidelines.  Participants who fail to abide by these rules will be removed and disqualified from the event. 

Pre-Race Guidelines 

- Participants must be symptom free of illness for 14 days (June 20th & after).  Symptomatic individuals should stay at home.  


- Participants traveling to event are recommended to travel alone or with members of immediate family only.


- Participants cannot leave their vehicle until 15 minutes prior to the start of their assigned heat time.  (Ex:  Runner is assigned 9:00am heat, must remain in vehicle until 8:45am).  


- If participant misses their assigned start time they will not be permitted to participate.


- Bib numbers must be attached to front of participant before leaving vehicle.  


- Participants must wear shirt and shoes at all times.


- Participants must wear face covering upon leaving vehicle.  Face covering must be worn in the starting corral until their heat begins.  Upon starting, participants may remove face covering.  Face covering must be carried by participant during the race.  Once participant crosses finish line, face covering must be put back on until they return to their vehicle.

- Participants will have a one-way path directing them from the parking lot to the start line area.  

- All participants will have their temperatures checked before entering start area.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 or higher or exhibiting symptoms of illness will be directed back to their vehicles and are recommended to contact their local medical provider.  

- Participants will be checked for symptoms by screening process using their bib number for identification.  Participants will be asked questions similar to, "Have you had any symptoms relating to Covid-19?" and "Have you been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days?"  Anyone not wearing a bib will not be permitted to participate.  

- Hand santizer stations will be provided at the start and finish line areas.  

- Participants will be required to stand in a pre-marked starting position which is no less than six feet from any other participant until the race begins.  

- Bottled water will be available at the 2-mile and finish line.  We highly recommend carrying your own water as volunteers are not permitted to hand you water during event.  Please do not leave water bottles unattended.  They will be thrown away for safety purposes.  

During Race Guidelines 

- No spitting, snotting, or projections of any bodily fluid before, during or after event.

- Restroom accommodations will not be available due to the Responsible Restart Ohio recommendations.  Please plan accordingly.  

- All participants must avoid any physical contact with other participants which includes high fives, fist bumps, huddles, or other close contact before, during, or after the event.

- During competition, participants must abide by the six-foot mandated social distancing regulations when passing other participants.  

- Upon finishing the race, participants must head directly to their vehicles.  No congregating at finish line and/or parking areas.  

- A clearly-marked one-way exit path will lead participants to the parking lot.

- Participants must maintain six-foot distance from others, outside of their household to the greatest extent possible when entering or leaving start and finish line areas.  

- Spectators are not permitted on course, at start line, finish line, or parking areas.

- Family members finishing at separate times cannot wait at finish line for other family members.  

Thank you for your support! 

For questions or concerns please email